No need for all the parking in Suffolk

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 7, 2003

Editor, the News-Herald:

Why are we having all these parking lots built and there’s no place to go in Suffolk? I see the city has torn down many buildings or hauled dirt from different places to build and they end up being parking lots, like the hospital is going to end up a parking lot for Barton Ford, the jailhouse and the older court house became parking lots for the school board, businesses along East Washington Street became parking lots for the new court house and they are probably going to tear down the old J.P. Boone building for a lot for the new police precinct.

I guess the Nansemond Indians can look forward to having their plans for Mattanock Town scrapped for a parking lot for the million dollar marina or something they are planning to do to bring the millions of people to the city of Suffolk to stay at the hotel that was supposed to be already built and open by now.

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As a citizen of Suffolk I want to give the Nansemond Indians the land they are requesting .It might be public land to your eyes but not to them; give it to them now!

Kelly Wilson