Time to for a change at the top

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 14, 2003

Editor, the News-Herald:

Like in the movie, &uot;Network,&uot; I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

Take what you ask the lying and conniving being done to the people of this city. This morning, while taking care of some things up town, a friend informs me that the hotel is all but out. This shouldn’t really be any secret since the hotel was bunk from the start.

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Mr. Dickens, just when are you and that three-ring traveling circus you call your city council going to stop covering up the truth and admit you made a mistake and start taking steps to fix things? Like who’s going to pay back the Towne Bank loan and the bonds and whatever else Mr. Standish and Mr. Herbert have done to put tax money into that money pit called the hotel.

It also seems like a good time for the good people of Chuckatuck to start talking at Fat Boys about who they would like to represent them the next time around on City Council. By not supporting the Nansemond tribe, it just shows that Dickens isn’t thinking of Chuckatuck. It is as it has always been – what is good for the downtown, not the city as a whole.

For myself, I’m really over this mayor and council wasting the money of so many hard working military families, farmers, and just hard working people that pay their part so willingly whenever asked. I really think this mayor and his council should all step down and get into a line of work where lying, cheating and conniving can come in handy.

As for the comments from Ms. Webb, I feel Del. Nelms has all the right in the world to represent himself as a delegate since he did hold that office at one time before he was forced out by the snot-nosed cowards of the upper crust community because he wasn’t willing to grab his ankles at the whim of his brother Republicans. So, for that I will gladly cast my ballot for Robert Nelms as Circuit Clerk just to strike a blow against the Good Ol’ Boy System that has hurt this city for so long. So, if you would like to fight back, start by voting Robert Nelms as Circuit Clerk.

Dennis W. Godwin