Spend an evening with ‘King David’

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 18, 2003

Suffolk News-Herald

Just a leisurely 50-minute drive south of Suffolk, there’s an unexpectedly entertaining theatre production that is in performance all year around. Located in Rockyhock, N.C., the Rockyhock Playhouse’s performances can be the centerpiece of an informal, relaxing afternoon and evening.

The current play is entitled simply &uot;King David&uot;, and it tells with music, drama, dance, and a touch of humor, the saga of David and Goliath, and of David’s conflict with King Saul. Presented on a small stage, with good lighting and simple but effective stage sets, there is an immediate connection between the actors and the audience. That bond is reinforced during intermission when the crew mingles with the audience, and again at the conclusion when the entire acting staff forms a reception line to interact with their visitors.

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The pre-recorded soundtrack varies from almost traditional hymns, to minor key, lilting Hebraic melodies. Composer, director, and lead actress Gloria Emmerich wrote the entire score and made the original recording, herself. The music supports some outstanding vocal work by Ricky Braddy, Jr., Jeff Emmerich, and Sean Capparuccia who sing a cappella in several numbers, and Gloria Emmerich who’s soaring voice is a thrill to hear. Good timing and a cause for many laughs comes from the work of Quiana Temple who plays the part of Dorcas.

While there were a few awkward pauses during the performance and between scenes, the group’s production ran very smoothly otherwise. The very competent cast includes 14 people whose talents all include acting, dancing, and singing.

The Emmerich Theatre Production Company, Inc. is owned by Jeff and Gloria Emmerich, who refer to their &uot;baby&uot; as a unique Christian theatre.

&uot;King David&uot; will be playing until Aug.16. For information and reservations, call the Christian Book Store on Holland Road. Ticket prices range from $14 to $16, with discounts for children, seniors, and groups of 10 or more. Buses are welcome.

For dinner or supper, try nearby Nixon’s, or go into Edenton for an excellent meal at Kramer’s Garage or Waterman’s Grill. After eating, you may have a few minutes to sit on a bench and enjoy the relaxing but spectacular view of Albemarle Sound.