Spark students’ interest now in career choices

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 7, 2003

Have you seen those billboards encouraging you to start planning now for retirement? What makes those ads so thought provoking is an accompanying eye-catching photo of a wide-eyed newborn child.

That ad campaign could also be used with an emphasis on considering a career.

You might recall that when you were a child, it seemed that big people were always asking what you wanted to be when you grew up. Cowboys, policemen, ballet dancers, and firefighters were perhaps some of those early impulsive choices. Then there was no other pressure about the matter. But high school arrived before you knew it, and then the question took on a more serious tone.

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The Career Day on Wednesday in the East Suffolk Community Center puts us in mind that there needs to be more such events. These highlight serious future work opportunities for students not only in high school, but also middle and elementary schools.

Professionals in their chosen work can serve as inspiration for youngsters. This may or may not direct them to become policemen or firefighters, but it’s a worthy start.

Further, students need to be taught that they can make their own career choices if they’re willing to learn the required skills. Life is more than just minimum wage jobs.

The world is our oyster, but we need to do the work to get the pearls.