Gambling the night away!

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 23, 2003

Suffolk News-Herald

Christine Parrish gambled away thousands at the Riverfront Country Club on Friday night.

But don’t worry – she won’t be filing for bankruptcy anytime soon. The club was holding Casino Night, one of its monthly festivals for adult members and their pals.

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&uot;I actually brought about $100 in cash, because I thought this was all real!&uot; laughed Parrish after a spin at the roulette table. &uot;I’ve played at Atlantic City a few times, and blackjack is what I play, because you can always count to 21. Just don’t ever hit on anything higher than what the dealer has.&uot;

Besides its trio of blackjack tables, roulette wheel, and even a few makeshift slot machines (sponsored by By George Inc., a Virginia Beach amusement company), the event even included a large table for rolling craps. To Parrish, this was unfamiliar territory.

&uot;I know it’s exciting, because it’s where all the high rollers go,&uot; she said of the dice game. &uot;I’ve just heard that you try to roll a seven on your first try and an 11 on your second, and void the third roll.&uot;

As players came in, they purchased $5,000 worth of chips for $12 (what an exchange rate!), and ventured their earnings on a deck of cards, a rolling pair of dice, or a small, skittering ball.

For every thousand &uot;dollars&uot; they racked up, participants purchased a ticket at the front desk. At night’s end, drawings were held for such prizes as baskets of DVDs, bottles of wine, or other winnings.

&uot;I really want to win a basket,&uot; said Maggie Prince after picking up a few chips from the roulette wheel. &uot;I’ve played in Vegas a lot, but I’m glad I’m not playing with real money here! There’s a lot of fun goodies in the baskets.&uot;

Next to the buffet table, Karen Hogan dropped coins into a slot machine, which filled the air with bells, whistles and bright, flashing colors. &uot;I like when it lights up and plays music,&uot; she said. &uot;This is what I always did when I played the slots at the Sands casino in Atlantic City. I love slot machines because there’s no real challenge; you just stick your money in and go!&uot;