Nelms proposes debates

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 23, 2003

Suffolk News-Herald

Former State Delegate and current candidate for Clerk of the 5th Judicial District Court Robert Nelms has challenged his opponents to a series of debates to benefit the voters of Suffolk.

&uot;It is important that we give the voters the opportunity to see the candidates and hear from us side by side,&uot; said Nelms. &uot;That is the best way to allow voters to present questions to all the candidates, and hear directly from us our views on given issues.&uot;


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Nelms added, as candidates, they are out among the people, speaking with them, but he would like to see more in-depth conversations with them.

&uot;The voters have so many other things that take up their time, like their work, their families, their church and homes, or civic and professional organizations,&uot; said Nelms. &uot;It would make life a little easier for the people of Suffolk if they could go to one place on a given night and see all the candidates and hear from us at one time. This is what I want to do – make life a little easier for the voter so they can make an informed decision on Election day.&uot;

Nelms also said he would support a series of debates across the city because it’s 430-square miles would prohibit some people traveling from place to place to view the debates.

&uot;I hope my opponents will accept this challenge and agree to at least three debates,&uot; said Nelms.

&uot;It would be in the best interest of the city that the city’s local cable station cover them as a public service to the residents of Suffolk.&uot;

Laughing, Nelms added that while he’s sure his son, Harrison, would disagree, the Nelms home is not the only one in Suffolk without cable.

&uot;That is why we need to have debates located in several regions of the city which will give people the option to attend personally and/or watch on their local cable station.&uot;

Nelms said he looks forward to working with the other candidates to establish dates, times and locations that are convenient for all seven, and more importantly, to the voters.