Editor, the News-Herald:

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 5, 2003

There are two articles in the Virginian Pilot (I write to you because I have used up my quota with them for this year) that should make every citizen of this country fighting mad. One article states that a Norfolk shipyard is laying off 400 workers for lack of work.

The other states that 17 illegal aliens, doing work

for that same shipyard, that has been subcontracted out by NORSHIPCO. Many Suffolk citizens work for NORSHIPCO.

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We should all rise up enmass to protest the treatment of our citizens by our government. While they do a poor job of dealing with illegal aliens who take our workers jobs, they tell us that exporting jobs to foreign countries is good for us. Our elected officials at all levels are charged with protecting the wellbeing of our citizens.

Instead they seem to cater to moneyed interests that export businesses for the sake of cheap labor and substandard products.

It’s all about money and not about our citizens.

The people we elect to represent our interest are not doing that. Our

first president warned against foreign entanglements. We cannot live in

a world of our own without contact with other countries but we can look

after our own people first.

If our leaders think that sending jobs to

other countries, I would like to see them try to convince our worker who have lost their homes and depend on welfare programs to live. On this subject, as Ross Perot once said, &uot; Theres not a dime’s worth of

difference between the Republicans and


Macon Sanford