Opening night for River and Lakeland!

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 5, 2003

Suffolk News-Herald


Opponent: Kecoughtan High School

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Time/Place: 7:30 tonight at Darling Stadium, Hampton

Last year: The Warriors went to pot in the second half, allowing 122 yards in an embarrassing 12-7 loss. Bigger things were in store, however.

Game notes: For the first time since Bryan Maus took over the reins at Nansemond River High School three years ago, the Warriors head into the season with an optimistic outlook that they deserve. After charging to a 7-3 record last season, there’s a new self-confidence among the team, and the 20-0 defeat they handed Bethel (albeit not the most remarkable of opponents) in a benefit game last week won’t hurt anything. Like every other year, the only thing that can stop the team is itself.

Nansemond River 20, Kecoughtan 7


Opponent: Maury High School

Time/Place: 7 tonight at Lakeland High School

Last year: Lakeland won, 27-6, but it was on the strength of two touchdowns by Denzel Mack, who graduated. Disapp-ointments were in store, however.

Game notes: After finishing 3-7 last year, the Cavaliers have nowhere to go but up. New coach Richard Rountree has been building a new offensive powerhouse, and the defense needs to find the inspiration that it hasn’t shown for the last 1.5 seasons. A win tonight could be the start of something great, but Lakeland will need more than this to get its confidence back.

Lakeland 24, Maury 6



Opponent: Atlantic Shores

Time/Place: 2 p.m. Satur-day/Atlantic Shores, Richmond

Last year: The Seahawks embarrassed the Saints, 35-7 during the regular season and 34-7 in the state title game.

Game notes: A loss to Parkview last week proved that the Seahawks aren’t invincible, and tomorrow we find out if the defeat blows a hole in their confidence big enough for the Saints to sneak through, or just turn their shock into aggression the likes of which has never seen before. No Atlantic Shores opponent can ever be in an enviable position, but a win could give NSA a spur that they haven’t experienced since winning the state title three years ago. The Saints will have to forget who they’re playing, and show the spirit that carried them to 4-0 in the TCIS last season.

Atlantic Shores 35, Nanse-mond-Suffolk Academy 21