The first pick of the new season!

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 5, 2003

Suffolk News-Herald

Football season is finally back, and the Redskins, the reason that my blood pressure goes into the ionosphere every week, start off the season! Evil karma, or proof that God does indeed have a sense of humor? We’ll find out soon enough.

Washington 20, New York Jets 17. The Skins get the Pick for one reason and one reason only; this might be their only three-day honeymoon at the top of the NFC East! But seriously, this game isn’t so much Jets vs. Skins as it is Jets vs. Former Jets; Laveranues Coles, Chad Morton, Randy Thomas and John Hall, all of whom played in the Big Apple last season, now find themselves wearing yellow and burgundy. If Chad Pennington hadn’t gotten hurt, the Jets would get the Pick, but Vinny Testaverde is just too old to outrun LaVar Arrington and Jeremiah Trotter. Washington should take this one, but their honeymoon will come to an end when they take on Atlanta next Sunday.


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