After Iraq war, what?

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 12, 2003

George W. spent weeks urging for approval for us to go to war against Iraq. Every time I turned on my set there he was. I was so weary of &uot;weapons of mass destruction&uot; paired with &uot;a smoking gun.&uot; Please believe me, I love my country. I am a most loyal citizen. I pay taxes to the state – refund federal as I have a large amount held from my pension. All this considered, I reached the point that if I heard one more time about weapons and guns (smoking or not) I was ready to take off and become a Canadian. Not Mexican; I’d have to learn Spanish.

So, finally George W. saw his war closer and it was time to line up allies to fight with him. What a shock! No willing nation except the U.K. and friend Tony Blair, P.M. of England. If George W. ever had to pay for the calls he made all over the world asking, &uot;Would you please join my war?&uot; he’d have to sign over his paycheck and probably a second one. He offered money and small African nations grabbed the offer. Europe let him down. Spain and Germany were nasty about it and big friend Russia said, &uot;No deal, get a resolution from U.N.&uot;

Finally, Blair went along with George W. and war was about to begin and Blair’s future was on the line as 19 percent of the English people backed him. A resolution from the U.N. would have swayed them, but Bush won Blair over. Meanwhile in Italy, America, Spain, Germany, China – I’ll stop here naming countries, just let me say all and many other citizens in Europe and Asia rioted against what they felt was Bush’s war and no resolution from the U.N. to back it.

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The troops were backed fully. The war itself and Bush were the ones rioted against. In the U.S., same deal. The best fighting military in the world (ours) are now just a breath away from a complete victory in war. Surrounding Muslim countries are not happy. They think Bush will go further and try to convert all the Muslim countries.

Now let’s go to problems following a U.S. and U.K. victory. So many! Wars must be paid for, and the country conquered must have its debts paid. Look at Saddam’s – $300 billion owed to Spain and Russia. Both Spain and Russia allowed Saddam to borrow large amounts for making nuclear and chemical missiles that he used on his own people. What else? Bush wants the most power ruling in Iraq. Blair wants the U.N. to have the bigger part as they will have to contribute. The U.S. has sent $40 million as payment on their side. The U.S. has promised to leave 10,000 troops to help Iraq get back on course.

I’m sorry I am unable to rave about our boys and girls who fought so magnificently, but editor Andy will say, &uot;No space, sorry&uot; because I’d get carried away and rave and rave. We have the greatest and smartest military in the world! Nations know it, and if you didn’t, you know now.

Florence Arena is a resident of Hillcrest Retirement Center and a regular News-Herald columnist.