After the storm

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 17, 2003

As we write this, the sky is still blue, albeit some clouds are swiftly moving in on the wings of strong breezes. One of two things could happen by the time you read the Thursday edition:

1. Ultimately, nothing will happen. Much. There’ll be some wind, some rain, a few broken branches, perhaps a downed power line or two. Or,

2. Hurricane Isabel will have come barreling down on the Outer Banks and cut a swathe of strong, strong winds, heavy rains, flooding through there, Suffolk and surrounding cities. The storm will leave behind damaged or ruined property, accidents, injuries, maybe deaths.

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In the event of the first scenario, you can tear off the masking tape from windows, pick up the twigs and call your friends via cell phone about the storm that didn’t happen. But you were prepared. Weren’t you?

In the event of the second scenario, you can ride it out in a shelter or your home, secure that you’ve done all you should have to be ready. Didn’t you?

After the latter, it’s to clean up your home, if necessary. Either way, be ready, willing and able to help your neighbor who might not have been as fortunate as you. Should the Red Cross need your blood, roll up the sleeves and give till it helps.

Let’s show the rest of Hampton Roads that Suffolk can take care of its own.