Gayle called most experienced, best choice

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 6, 2003

Editor, the News-Herald:

Of course Robert Nelms is a Republican. He has every right to declare himself such as a candidate for Clerk of Court. The question is, who cares?

I fail to see how a political party affiliation could or should be of concern in electing our next Clerk of Court.

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Having served five years as Deputy Clerk of Court, Barbara Gayle is clearly the best qualified candidate. We do not need a politician or an attorney for this position.

There is a need for good women in higher office, particularly when they are the most experienced candidate. My support goes to Barbara Gayle.

Nancy Dempsey


Editor, the News-Herald:

Maybe I am totally naive or a Pollyanna idealist as some of my friends claim, but I honestly believed that news reporting and newspapers had gotten beyond their political bias.

Evidently, I am wrong, at least for the Suffolk News Herald.

In previous issues there has been an obvious slant of this paper to print repeated letters of support for one candidate for clerk of court while totally suppressing other letters that have been sent to them in support of, clearly the most qualified candidate, Mrs. Barbara Gail.

I was unable to fathom that the friendly, honest folks and peaceful city of Suffolk could be the setting for anything except family ideals and values, even though many people have told me that the Suffolk community and, especially, its government was locked into the past with their &uot;good ol boy&uot; mentality and that reminds us of the old Byrd Machine.

I am increasingly convinced that this may be the case and I am appalled that the News-Herald or someone in a key position on the paper is so biased.

It is time for a change from choosing a public servant based on gender, race or that they throw the biggest shindig and slap the most backs. It is time to select those of good character with the experience to do the best job. Therefore, I am voting for Barbara X. Gayle for Clerk of Court in Suffolk.

D.J. Brockman