Be ready to accept the consequences of your behavior

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Three popular celebrities in the news this week could be used by Dr. Phil McGraw for one of his popular statements, &uot;When you choose the behavior, be prepared to accept the consequences.&uot;

In spite of recent accusations of sexual misconduct that have come out to destroy Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reputation, and might cause him to lose the election of governor of California, the recent polls had shown he was still ahead. However, four more women have been recently added to the list.

Schwarzenegger admitted Sunday during an interview on ABC News that he is guilty of some of them, but that he thinks that some have been invented in a dirty campaign action by his opponent, Gov. Gray Davis, in order that he, Schwarzenegger, will lose the election.

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He also said that going up a woman’s blouse to feel her breast was not something that he would do; but, he did admit to some groping to women’s rear ends. This statement alone will open up an avenue of accusations.

Schwarzenegger chose the behavior and now he must be prepared to accept the consequences and the possibility that his behavior may even cost him the election. However, if not the election, a little less respect for him from some women.

Also, a statement that he made in the ’70s about admiring Hitler will always bring another form of trouble from others.

ESPN hired Rush Limbaugh because he was known to cause controversy in his reporting. The channel’s rating rose even higher after he started anchoring with the station. His statements got out of hand when he said that the news media overrated the NFC Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb because they wanted to see a black quarterback succeed.

When NAACP officials and some presidential candidates heard this, they asked the station to fire Limbaugh. However, Limbaugh decided to save face for the station and retired instead.

Another black newscaster in the Washington area said he was not in favor of Limbaugh leaving the station at first, but later agreed because Limbaugh kept saying negative things about McNabb off the air, and that he wasn’t sorry he made the comments about him to the media.

Star Jones, one of the talk show hostesses on &uot;The View,&uot; said that he made Donovan a poor choice to pick on since he has taken his team to two out of four NFC championships.

All this controversy led to my watching the game between the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia on Sunday. The Redskins fell to the Eagles 25-27 and I wondered if Limbaugh was watching when McNabb brought his team through another victory.

Limbaugh earlier stated to the media, &uot;My comments this past Sunday were directed at the media and were not racially motivated. I offered an opinion. This opinion has caused discomfort to the CBN which I regret.&uot;

McNabb said Sunday that he is a football player and his lifetime dream was to play football and to play in the NFL. &uot;I’m going to continue to fulfill that dream,&uot; he said.

Deith Garvin with the Washington D.C. News reported that Limbaugh also said that his job with the network was a fulfillment of a dream.

One man is accomplishing his dream while another one is facing the unwillingness to be able to accept the consequences of his behavior.

Kobe Bryant returned to the Los Angeles Training Camp in Hawaii last weekend a day late. News reporters were there and one asked him if he was scared. &uot;I’m terrified,&uot; he commented. &uot;Not so much for me but for my family and what they have been going through.

It’s a shame that he was not thinking of his family before he decided to be in the room alone with a 19-year-old woman and to be intimate with her. Where was he when Mike Tyson was accused of rape? Didn’t he learn anything from that? Dr. Phil would ask him, &uot;What were you thinking?&uot;

Now there is more bad news for Bryant. His sexual assault case will go to a preliminary hearing in Eagle Colorado tomorrow, and the judge has dealt another blow to his defense – by saying that his accuser does not have to testify.

&uot;Every day we are living through this; they are watching me live through this. My wife and I and our families are living through this,&uot; said Bryant.

I feel sorry for Bryant’s family, but he knew that he had a wife and by not honoring his marriage vows he now must be ready to accept the consequences of his behavior.

So let these examples teach us several things: before you make any good or bad decisions or choose to live any kind of lifestyle, think twice what the results will bring. If the decisions or lifestyles are good ones, then good will come from them. However, if they are bad ones, then be ready to accept the consequences of your behavior.

Evelyn Wall is a staff writer and regular columnist for the News-Herald. She can be contacted at 934-9615 or