How will ‘Ahnuld’ do in California?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 9, 2003

Soooo, the people of California have chosen Arnold Schwarzenegger to become their next governor.

For the rest of America it certainly will be interesting – at least amusing at times – to watch how he fares through his upcoming term. Will he be able to battle a plethora of troubles and a wolvish media at the same time?

Many of you might think it incredulous that &uot;The Terminator,&uot; as he’s often been called (based on three popular science fiction movies) should become the leader of one America’s largest states.

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But consider that Schwarzenegger made his way from Austria and truly built himself up from head to toe to win the Mr. Universe title more than once. Further, he’s worked his way into Hollywood – muscles, accent and all – to notable success.

However, &uot;Ahnuld&uot; has done more than pose and act. He’s made it a point to promote physical fitness in adults and especially children. Further, he’s espoused common sense values of discipline, hard work (which have obviously worked for him) and, of course, family. Look, he married into the Kennedy clan!

With President George Bush’s congratulations, national Republicans might crow that Schwarzenegger’s victory is a sign that their political philosophy is catching on. That’s as ‘Maybe, I don’t know.’ There’s a long time before he can prove their words correct.

Or perhaps people just voted for him because he’s a movie star.