Conjuring up

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 24, 2003

Sept. 18 – better known as hurricane day – left us without power. Leave me in the dark and I get into trouble. That’s what I’ve been told. But that day, the dark brought about some thinking. It results in this column, lucky people.

Here’s how it developed. All I heard was &uot;Isabel,&uot; over and over and over. But Isabel is a hurricane. Not good! Then came to mind this habit I had years ago of &uot;conjuring up&uot; images to go with the names I didn’t like.

Just from hearing the name, I could produce in my mind a vivid picture of the person and his/her characteristics and habits, d characteristics of a person just from a name. Only rule – I must not know a person of that name.

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Can’t do Isabel the hurricane because a dear friend has a granddaughter named Isabel. She’s almost 10, blonde and cute. How can I make anything funny out of that? I’ve even tutored her in reading. So now I’ll take another road. Here we go:

Names I hate – Myrtle, Mabel (let’s get a male in there), got it -Hector. Don’t want complaints later so remember the rule – I don’t know any of them. Just names I’m not fond of. I conjure up a picture from a name.

To Myrtle – Myrtle was born an adult. She wore house dresses for every occasion. They were spotless and beautifully ironed but ugly. She performed duties and jobs fully and looked for praise for this, If jobs and tasks were given out, Myrtle would get the bathroom to do. She’d do it well.

Mabel – Mabel is skinny, has horrible taste in clothes. Criticizes everyone else’s attire. Offers advice as to what would look good on whoever would listen. She is apt not to listen to anyone. Who needs it? Not Mabel! She chews gum only for the flavor.

Hector, our one male – a mother and too many sisters have smothered Hector. From the beginning with &uot;Nice boys don’t do that, Hector&uot; to being pushed around by a swarm of sisters Hector couldn’t win. His complete acceptance says never arguing, just accepting. Poor Hector. Later in life with all the sisters married (not Hector) he becomes &uot;easy touch Uncle Hector.&uot;

These people aren’t real. I conjured them up. Never leave me with nothing to do. I conjure. You may be next.

Florence Arena is a resident of Hillcrest Retirement Center and a regular News-Herald employee.