Cheering their way to the top!

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 25, 2003

Suffolk News-Herald

The Bennett’s Creek (BC) Junior Pee-Wee cheerleaders have never been afraid of a little pompom-to-pompom combat.

Why not, you ponder? Let’s ask them.

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&uot;There’s no competition like the real competition!&uot; shouts the group of elementary schoolers. &uot;’Cause the real competition don’t stop! It don’t stop!&uot;

Grammatical (in)correctness aside, the ladies of the BC Pop Warner football league have to be prepared to compete. This morning; they’ll be taking part in the Pop Warner Local Cheering Competition at Churchland High School.

Are they ready? Again, let the girls themselves respond.

&uot;Yeah, maroon! Yeah, gold! Yeah, white!&uot; they screech in tribute to the league colors. &uot;C’mon, Warriors, let’s fight! We’re BC, you’ve seen us before, and in 2003, we’ll win the title once more!&uot; That hasn’t been a problem for the local lasses; they took first place last year.

&uot;We might be nervous a lot, but I do think we’re going to win again,&uot; says Ashley Key, 10. &uot;I think we have a good team, because we’re small and energetic.&uot;

Jennifer Hare hopes that the team can maintain said energy long enough to keep her safe; she’s a flyer, one of the girls that’s lifted high into the air during performance drills. &uot;It’s VERY scary when you’re up there, because you don’t know if they’re going to drop you,&uot; she says. &uot;When I’m up there, I look straight forward, because if I look down, I might get dizzy and fall.&uot;

Self-confidence is something of a must when one is a cheerleader. For the BC midget cheerers, it’s practically a way of life. &uot;Step back!&uot; they tell opponents. &uot;Look, listen, fear! The mighty, mighty Warriors are ready to cheer! We’re number one, we’ve reached the top, and we’re not going to stop.&uot;

And if you think they’re the best, the Lady Warriors say, &uot;You’re right!&uot; The oldest group of BC cheerers also took first place in their respective group last year.

&uot;We were friends before the season, and we still are,&uot; says Kendall Jackson, 12, &uot;so that just shows that we known how to deal with each other.&uot; The team’s been practicing twice a week to take on the rest of the Tidewater area’s cheering squads.

The midget BC team has gone 4-1 for the season, and undefeated in Southeastern Conference competition. According to Brittney Privette, their success is due in part to the women on the sidelines. &uot;I think a lot of their winning should be credited to us, because we get the team and the crowd pumped up!&uot; she says. &uot;We’re the spirit of the team!&uot;