Aren’t they having fun?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 30, 2003

I’m referring to the Democrats on the Senate’s Intelligence Committee investigating who is to blame for the President having insufficient or incorrect intelligence info before going to war with Iraq. Like he needed that reason. Won’t you always settle for terrorism occurring some other place than here? It’s been pretty quiet since 9/11. But only an idiot would believe Sadamn didn’t have plans for controlling the oil fields, and specs in place for producing the weapons, WMD, that would intimidate weaker nations. Of course liberals relish saying the President should have personally checked out every piece of evidence provided him by the CIA chief, a holdover from the Clinton era. Senators rely on the info received from their staff; do you believe that info is always correct? The CIA chief relies on info from his staff. Yet with a straight face liberals accuse the President of lying to the public, conspiring to wage war only because of his ego.

Those Senators and the liberal press can be classified as enemies of the state in my book. Democrat Rep. Jim Davis returned from a fact-finding tour of Iraq and offered support for the Bush reconstruction program. You don’t find such things in the liberal newspapers or hear it from the evening talking heads. Davis said, &uot;Yes, there is violence, but there are also pockets of hope and joy that all too often don’t make the evening news.&uot;

I’d like to see a show of hands of those who actually favor &uot;partial birth abortion&uot; in this city of 70,000 citizens. Yet liberals are whining that it is unconstitutional, that the courts must reverse the attempt to outlaw an act abhorrent, brutal and offensive to our moral sensibilities, far out of the mainstream of the ethical practice of medicine. Finally some backbone showed in Congress. And it took courage for another Bush to put the food and water tubes back in Terri Schiavo’s abused but living body. The Florida lawmakers said

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&uot;the present law be damned,&uot; and changed it. Let her live while we argue is much better than, kill her and then argue. Many liberals think it wrong to keep her alive but argue differently about criminals who get the death sentence. Then they insist there may have been a mistake made and we can’t free a dead prisoner. Well, which is it liberals?

I picked up three bushels of apples from the Magnolia Methodist Church recently, sipped a cup or two of hot cider, and bought homemade muffins, cookies, and Brunswick stew. They sell a bunch of apples and these were perfect. Fugi apples might sound Japanese but they taste American. This church event is obviously well organized and provides a warm welcome to the public. Buy in advance, drive in, hand them the receipts and they load your car. It’s a shame if you missed it this year so make a note somewhere.

The newspaper headline read, &uot;Red Tape Holding Up Bridge.&uot; In the case of the bridge on Kings Highway, rated dangerous, it is weak pilings holding it up, tape wouldn’t do. But the subject is back on the table in full strength. Thanks to Frank Spady and David Levin it has come around to intelligent discussion about moving instead of replacing. In the beginning there was considerable resistance on the part of VDOT, citing extra costs and environmental disasters, but wiser VDOT heads realize all the pluses are on the side of changing the location. There will still be arguments against by a few citizens who will be inconvenienced, having to drive a few extra miles, but perhaps one day that may be remedied by building a new road along the riverside, down to the new bridge. Last night’s meeting at the middle school on Kings Fork was very important to both sides and opening salvos indicated it won’t be over until the fat lady sings.

The Clerk of Court battle is heating up with a few well-placed accusations flying back and forth. Frankly I’m tired of seeing their signs everywhere and hope they will disappear on Nov. 5. When you read the accomplishments and promises of all candidates you may be tempted to throw a dart. Or you might ask yourself which of them is giving up the most; this could be a valuable clue in determining which really wants to serve the public.

Robert Pocklington is a resident of Suffolk and a regular News-Herald columnist. He can be contacted via e-mail at