Clinton is an established servant

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 30, 2003

Editor, the News-Herald:

The true test of a devoted public servant is whether a marketable individual in the private sector is willing to commit his valuable time in support of a municipality and in service to his community without receiving compensation. In these contemporary times when the &uot;me&uot; generation is prevalent, it’s an easy task to recognize Mr. Clinton Jenkins as a multi dimensional product of our community who is a long time advocate of efficiency in our criminal justice system, equality in our hallowed halls of justice and excellence in the delivery of services to the residents of our city. He has addressed issues in our city ranging from police patrols in crime infested neighborhoods to trash removal in blighted areas to redrawing the boundaries of political subdivisions to ensure parity at polling stations. No matter what the issue has been, Mr. Clinton Jenkins was there to lead the way to bring about positive change on behalf of Suffolk residents. And, he established himself as a true public servant by achieving success and recognition for his work while foregoing any monetary compensation.

Our city needs someone who is visible, but not over bearing. We deserve someone who is knowledgeable, but not conceited. We want someone who is eager to serve, not anxious to earn a job. The City of Suffolk and the Commonwealth of Virginia must have someone who is unselfish and committed to the service of all citizens. All of these are reasons why my fellow Suffolkians should join me on Nov. 4 and vote for Clinton Jenkins to be the next Clerk of the Circuit Court.

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Jimmy L. Wilson

Chief of Police (Retired)

Windy Point Drive