Candidate’s spouse knows and supports him

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 31, 2003

Editor, the News-Herald:

The Clinton L. Jenkins I know and support is a man who, when contemplating running for the office of Suffolk clerk of Court, called together his wife and three daughters to discuss his possible candidacy. During this family meeting Clinton Jenkins conveyed that he desired to run to:

nProvide even more quality services to Suffolkians;

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nAllow a greater extension to how he currently serves Suffolkians

Since it was apparent to his family that the position required a qualified person that has been actively engaged in the welfare of Suffolkians from all economic, social, religious and ethnic backgrounds, the family knew that Clinton Jenkins would be the ideal candidate. The family also knew that Clinton Jenkins had already been committed to Suffolkians and willing to go the extra mile to provide equality in service to all citizens.

The family knew that Clinton Jenkins had a track record helping youth, helping young adults, helping adults and helping seniors. The family knew that Clinton Jenkins had a track record of provoking people to self-sufficiency allowing for avenues and recourses to better them.

The family champions Clinton’s determination to bring a compassionate, yet accountable freshness to leadership.

With his family’s blessings Clinton Jenkins moved forward that he might do even greater things than the yellow lines you see on the streets in Lake Kennedy, the new safer playground equipment in the playground in Lake Kennedy. Clinton L. Jenkins went to the city and fought for this project to begin while he was president of Lake Kennedy Civic league. You see, Clinton L. Jenkins didn’t just realize recently that being a good and dependable servant is what he needed to be. Clinton Jenkins has been a public servant for years. His face didn’t just pop up at election time. Clinton L. Jenkins works with the established and he works with ones who are not so established. The Clinton Jenkins I know and support has pleaded the cause before the city council on issues that affect Suffolkians.

Now you’re beginning to know the real Clinton Jenkins.

Clinton L. Jenkins is the first to tell you that he has had challenges in his life and as long as we live we will all continue to have challenges, but through these test and trials, his faith and belief in God allows him to have characteristics to that of a great leader. Clinton Jenkins trials have helped him to develop the fruit of temperance that he might encourage others who may endure the same or similar rough mountains.

Clinton Jenkins’ trials have allowed him to become a man of faith, reading his bible every night and morning, praying and thanking God, this is the Clinton Jenkins I know. He goes out to visit the Suffolk Public Schools providing tutoring or just eating lunch with troubled or lonely children. He takes time to mentor groups of youth by spending quality time at the movies, skating, camping, the library and outings to the nursing homes. He shares with them his faith through bible study and Sunday school, not just the children that have it all together, but the children that have made a few bad grades, children that get in trouble, that’s the Clinton L. Jenkins I know.

Many calls come in the late hours of the night from parents who need Clint to council their child for different reasons. Senior citizens may get ill, or need handy work done; Clint has no problem providing assistance, that’s the Clinton L. Jenkins I know and support.

This week I heard Clinton asking God to forgive the persons who have destroyed over 200 of his election signs and those who have taken his magnetic signs off of some of his supporters vehicles, that’s the Clinton L. Jenkins I know and support.

During the Hurricane Isabel, Clinton L. Jenkins was on the top of a roof of one of our retired Ministers homes sawing a limb that had penetrated the walls of his home. The two weeks following Hurricane Isabel, Clinton L. Jenkins was blessed to be able to go door to door to hundreds of homes across Suffolk and giving away ice, water, flash lights and food to needy families. Clinton Jenkins was out cutting trees, cleaning yards, and whatever else he saw needed to be to assist others. You see having a heart and a mind, and the will to serve people is not waiting for someone to ask for your help or being like a light switch easy to turn off and on. A servant of the people doesn’t turn on their servant hood only when needed, it naturally shows even when you think no one is looking. God has broken and molded Clinton L. Jenkins to be a true servant to all people; he has blessed and equipped him with a quality education, diversified work experience and great determination.

While this race has been challenging, it’s been a great challenge. Regardless of the outcome on Tuesday November the 4th, Clinton L. Jenkins has already won, because the race is not given to the swift nor to the strong, but to him that endure until the end.

So now you know the Clinton Jenkins that I know.

So now you know he’s dependable, you know from past data that he is educated, and that he is experienced and he is committed to you, the citizens of Suffolk. Oh by the way have you seen that big banner with his face on it, a handsome democrat, running as an independent, but willing to serve all parties. Clinton L. Jenkins has been walking these Suffolk streets since May knocking door to door asking for your vote and your support, he began servanthood years ago, he entered this race early, because he wanted you to know he’s one who is serious and will not take you nor the responsibilities of the clerk’s office for granted. This is the Clinton L. Jenkins I know and support.

Yes he’s my husband the father of our children, but we are willing to share him with the citizens of Suffolk because we know that he will get the job done. Now that you know him support Clinton L. Jenkins by casting your vote for Clinton L. Jenkins on November 4th. See you at the polls.

Karen Lynette Hopson Jenkins