Volunteers shine in Auxiliary

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 16, 2003

Suffolk News-Herald

The Obici Hospital Auxiliary is made up of a corps of volunteers who serve the staff and patients alike. From May to September of this year alone, they have dedicated more than 11,000 hours to the service of others.

Kristen Sebura, manager of volunteer services and the patient information desk, said the assistants report to designated departments each day with one goal in mind – to add to the comfort and care of patients, families and guests.

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&uot;We are here to provide supplemental support to the Obici staff in designated departments throughout the hospital,&uot; said Sebura. &uot;Our volunteers are absolutely wonderful and I know that there are several departments throughout the hospital who are glad to see them each day. Our volunteers help our days run more smoothly and they help us accomplish our overall goals of the hospital. It’s wonderful to come to work each morning and know that you will have someone there by your side to help you through the day.&uot;

There is a great deal more than meets the eye in volunteering.

&uot;Every volunteer receives the appropriate training prior to starting their shifts at the hospital, and they are oriented to observe the hospital’s policy with respect to patient and employee confidentiality,&uot; said Sebura. &uot;Obici volunteers uphold the Obici mission, vision and values as well as the Volunteer Services mission.&uot;

The Obici Auxiliary is comprised of the Obici volunteers who give of their time and talents to fund raising for the hospital for various projects and needs.

&uot;Our volunteers choose whether or not they want to participate in the Auxiliary fund-raising agenda that includes the gift shop, which is the primary source of fund raising at the hospital. The shop is filled to overflowing with holiday and Christmas gifts, along with the vast assortment of candies, flowers, books, magazines, and other items always found there.

&uot;The Obici Volunteer program will also provide support, when possible, to selected community functions,&uot; said Sebura.

The Volunteer Services department at Obici always welcomes people interested in helping others. Applications are available from that department.

&uot;It is Obici’s goal to place volunteers in their area of choice in order to utilize the individual volunteer’s talent as well as to maintain their comfort within the hospital,&uot; Sebura explained. &uot;Obici volunteers receive training in their specific areas either by experienced volunteers, the manager of volunteers or the clinical trainer in the assigned area. As staff, we all have special projects and assignments that come up daily….our volunteers are always there to rescue us!&uot;