Why not capitalize on landfill sites for tourism?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 7, 2003

Editor, the News-Herald:

The City of Suffolk has for several years now sought ways of bringing tourists to our fair city. Since neither the Nansemond Indian village nor the history of Suffolk from 1850 to 1890 does not raise a lot of interest in the minds of our city manager or council members other than the restoration of a few houses and buildings, I have pondered what else could attract visitors.

At last I found two potential sites. The two sites are quite visible to anyone traveling the US-58 corridor through our city. I speak of the two landfill sites, the SPSA landfill east of Magnolia and the WM landfill on Indian Trail Road near Kilby. They would make excellent ski slopes. Only one minor problem – they are not high enough. The city should encourage SPSA and WM to build their landfills at least 700 feet high with a gradual sloping side. With artificial snow equipment generating snow, wow!


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Just think how it could be billed in the travel brochures: skiing from October through March in downtown Suffolk, just one hour from either Virginia Beach or Williamsburg. That would definitely fill the luxury hotel by the beautiful Nansemond River as well as the two or three hotels in Suffolk.

David Saunders

Winborne Drive