‘Stew’ needs you

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 16, 2003


&uot;Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping along the bunny trail…&uot;

Yes, it’s no doubt Christmas time, but one look at &uot;Stew&uot; and you can’t help but fast forward your thoughts to the popular children’s tune often associated with Easter. Stew is a lop-eared rabbit that has found himself at the heart of compassion extended by Rhonda Bowles of Bowles Jewelers.

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Almost a month ago, Rhonda stumbled upon Stew at Matoaka and Girl Scout roads just wandering all alone. She just couldn’t keep driving.

&uot;When I went by I had to stop and pick up the rabbit,&uot; said Rhonda. &uot;I clapped and said come here, and he came.&uot;

Rhonda and husband Bruce Bowles have been transporting the rabbit back and forth between the business and home. The entire staff has fallen in love with the now pleasantly plump white fluffy rabbit. The rabbit has gained quite a bit of weight considering the steady diet of apples, carrots and curly kale.

Unfortunately, however, Stew has worn his welcome out just a little. After awhile, like grandchildren, said Bruce, &uot;It’s nice when they visit, but then it’s a time for them to go home.&uot;

And a home is what the Bowles and staff want so badly for Stew.

It’s unknown whether Stew escaped or if he was discarded. One thing if for sure, he would make a nice cuddly pet for someone.

&uot;He loves a lot of activity, being around people and other animals.&uot;

Stew and the Bowles’ dog Emily have become quite good acquaintances, but that cat keeps its distance. Stew does have a wild streak as well. As Bruce jokingly puts it, &uot;Stew is about to get in hot water,&uot; referencing the rabbit’s tendency to chew plants and nibble on other item in the office and home that grabs his attention.

But Stew needs the attention of a loving home preferably with children and small dogs, said Rhonda. Hopefully, if Stew already belongs to someone, they will recognize him.

If anyone recognizes Stew or would like the free rabbit as a nice Christmas present, call 934-8101.