A waste of money and opportunity

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 17, 2003

There was time during Malvo’s killing spree when he wanted to die on behalf of his beloved Mr. Muhammad. What a shame he didn’t… it would have saved millions. This week the defense called on two psychiatrists who proved without a shadow of doubt that Malvo was insane, at least at the time, as a result of being programmed by his friend. I suppose psychiatrists could say the same of a family’s pit bull that all of a sudden chewed up their little boy’s face, temporarily insane.

Regardless, both the pit bull and Malvo should be afforded the very same treatment: euthanasia. In this country there are thou-sands who have suffered wounds and mental pain at the hands of criminals and still worry because one day they may be victims again when the criminal is back out on the streets seeking revenge. Malvo may get out one day if not executed.

I imagine those two psychiatrists have been used many times by defense attorneys in many trials… they travel a lot. Fortunately prosecutors usually have their own team of psychiatrists on hand ready to disqualify the others. It happens in every trial and results in two and two equaling zero. So why spend the money? Besides, those still awake in the jury box know the game and seldom buy all the loony tune palaver. They know this kid killed and that ends it. But I’ll tell you who needs a psychiatrist…presidential candidate Dean and even democrats don’t need that statement explained to them.

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I tell you, I hope it’s not too late to change the wind direction at the Suffolk Executive Airport. We are about to lose another potential tourist attraction, perhaps two very unique businesses. I’m told it’s because of inaction by city staff and council. It would be a shame if the Fighter Factory, now located in two hangers at the airport, were to move to Virginia Beach, namely the Grass Airport &uot;Pungo Field&uot; where that city will build a new museum. Virginia Beach interest in this unique restoration of old warplanes apparently exceeds ours. Remember the name Larry Pennington? He’s the one that jumped out of a plane with the elder George Bush and offered me a free trip down clutched in his arms. It’s called Skydive Suffolk, where you can learn to exit an airplane safely for fun. He has fared no better than the Fighter Factory, all he wants is a go-ahead to construct a new building for his business.

Roger Leonard, general manager of the Cardinals Pilot Shop, Inc. is little by little moving his operations to Norfolk International airport due to lack of business in Suffolk.

He’s been in business here for over 12 years hoping he would see growth and expansion of the Suffolk Airport. He bought a new building and necessary materials to construct a new Pilot Shop and service center. It is on the ground at his home, he too waiting for the go-ahead. I imagine there is a good reason why there appears to be such little interest in these three businesses. Does our IDA figure the airport potential is less than the Hilton? Surely our new director of Public Relations will update us.

Our Airport Commission must be frustrated; it wants development and can’t get it.

Ten different parties want corporate hangers and over 40 waiting for smaller T hangers. Why does city staff sit on such requests? Remember in the spring of 2002 the big tent and airport publicity? Since that date the only change has been the name of the airport, over the head of the airport commission. Suffolk Executive Airport indeed. And apparently the city has appointed a group of people, headed by the IDA. This puts the city manager in a position where he can overrule the Airport Commission. Why? It seems to me it is far more important to develop an airport than a hotel. More later.

Robert Pocklington is a resident of Suffolk and a regular News-Herald columnist. He can be contacted via e-mail: robert.pocklington@suffolknewsherald.com