A sight to behold

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 18, 2003

I’ve been impressed many times in my long life and even moved. One night I reached a height I didn’t think existed. During my teaching years I managed to travel a good deal due to a New York teachers’ union that was mighty powerful. I managed Europe three times and most of the Caribbean islands plus a glorious trip to Hong Kong. I say all this to show I’ve had occasions so many times to find myself overwhelmed. The other night wins the blue ribbon so I’d better tell you all.

To start with, I am a Catholic where Protestantism holds reign. Doesn’t bother me as I have a feel for all religions that simply preach a belief in God, doing good works, and living a good life. Not hard to believe all this. I have written about Suffolk Christian and Wilroy Baptist, having good friends in both. This time it will be Wilroy and their Christmas spectacle. What a fantastic program.

Much construction to present this program. Stables with the entire front removed leaving three sides and a roof. No statues, posters, drawings – just the parishioners in clothes of Christ’s time making a most believable picture depicting stages of Christ’s life. The area used was a large plot of land next to the church. A road was established by a large number of small posts on each side strung with lights. First tableau showed the people of Jerusalem in the marketplace with much dickering about prices. It never changes, does it?

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On to the next three-sided stable: Here we see the shepherds watching a large blinking star settled over another stable with Mary, Joseph and the infant. I am told they heated this stable and used an actual baby. Don’t worry the Lord won’t let the child catch cold. Honestly. Next stable shows the Last Supper. Da Vinci would have been proud to see how his work was depicted. Thirteen, not one more, sat at the table. Next is sad – shows the crucifixion – Christ and a thief on each side. I mentioned how lifelike the figures were. &uot;Figures,&uot; roared my friend, &uot;they are male members of Wilroy.&uot; Wow! Can’t get any more real that that! A salute to male members.

Sorry to say we were now at the end of this spectacular presentation the ascension. A man hovered above the stable sky hung high – arms moving. This I was sure was a controlled form. No way – a parishioner! What courage.

I bow to the entire show of Christ’s life and the wonderful people who took part whether constructing it or acting in it. All were superb. Come again next year. Bravo!

Florence Arena is a resident of Hillcrest Retirement Center and a regular News-Herald columnist.