Holy Neck UCC women have been busy

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 19, 2003

Special to the News-Herald

Holy Neck UCC ladies have been working hard and having fun.

The hard work began last January when a group of industrious ladies, under the skillful direction of Mrs. Sharon March and Mrs. Carol Lewis, began the creation of beautiful Chrismon ornaments. The Women’s Fellowship purchased a 12-foot Christmas tree, and after months of dedicated labor, the final products were proudly displayed.

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At last the big day arrived and the tree was adorned with Chrismon ornaments of different shapes and meanings. Twenty-five different symbols were chosen from over 150 symbols from the old and new testaments. Examples include the open Bible, symbolizing the word of God; the dove, which expresses innocence and purity and signifies the Holy Spirit and the presence of God; the fish, which was a secret sign used by early persecuted Christians to designate themselves as believers in Jesus.

This project was a real challenge, much fun and very rewarding not only to those who invested their time and talents, but also all those who have gazed upon its beauty.

On Nov. 15, the Holy Neck UCC ladies and their guests gathered in the church fellowship hall for a festive occasion, &uot;A Ladies’ Afternoon Tea.&uot;

The welcome and prayer were given by Mrs. Linda Carr, who was instrumental in coordinating the event.

After the introduction of guests and presentation of tea party table themes and sponsors, the group was entertained by harpist Mary Ann Carr. Mary Ann is the great-granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earl Holland, who were members of Holy Neck UCC.

Each table was decorated in a manner complementing its theme. Themes were: &uot;Victorian Cottage,&uot; &uot;A Walk in the Garden,&uot; &uot;Victoria’s Rose,&uot; &uot;Moonlight Dazzle,&uot; &uot;Having Tea with Dolly at Fantasy Land,&uot; &uot;Blue Bell,&uot; &uot;A Winter’s Kiss,&uot; &uot;Fruits of the Spirit,&uot; &uot;A Touch of Red,&uot; &uot;I’m a Little Teapot;&uot; &uot;Paradise Island;&uot; &uot;Rosemary’s Table; &uot;Christmas Town;&uot; and &uot;Red-Hot Christmas.&uot;

Patrick Evans-Hylton, a chef from Virginia Beach gave the group an informative talk on tea etiquette and history.

The guest speaker, Mrs. Lorraine Whitehead from Hunterdale UCC, granddaughter of the late Mrs. Ida Greene from Holy Neck UCC, gave a moving testimony of her life, noting the wonderful change that took place when she brought Christ into her heart.

Following the speaker, the guests enjoyed a truly eloquent tea party, complete with beautiful music played by pianist Mrs. Fern Salmon.