Civic clubs, employees stepping forward to help area’s needy children

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 22, 2003

Suffolk News-Herald

Continuing their 20-year tradition of giving, the Suffolk Lions Club came roaring into the News-Herald offices with their annual &uot;Cheer Fund&uot; contribution. The $2,641 check was earned through the auction held during the Christmas meeting.

According to Kathy Richardson, each Lion member brings in an item or two that they have either purchased, had contributed or made, for the auction.


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&uot;All proceeds from the auction are given to the Cheer Fund,&uot; said Richardson. &uot;This is a fun time for our members as we have a social and fellowship with lots of laughs and fun. Our Santa for the past few years has been &uot;Fast Eddy White&uot; from Star Motors with the help of &uot;Trashman Dan Holly&uot; who have done an excellent job of getting the bids way up there. We all know this goes for the kids and we are glad to do it.&uot;

Richardson said the Lions also have another tradition; auctioning off the &uot;Red Hat.&uot;

&uot;This hat that traditionally was worn by one of the original members, &uot;R. Williams,&uot; who wore a red hat to the party and someone took it from his head so that we could auction it off, too!&uot;

Needless to say, that little action resulted in a great reaction from the Lions. They raised $100 for the hat and it’s now auctioned annually.

This year alone, that little red hat raised more $300 when a member who works at Branscome’s Williamsburg office did his part in the fund raiser. Richardson said that the Suffolk Lions truly appreciate the effort by the Williamsburg contributors.

The Suffolk Lions Club is more than 80 years old, and their focus in the community has always been sight and hearing. They completed Peanut Fest 2003 and every dollar earned plus tips received will be used to purchase eyeglasses and hearing aids for those in need in Suffolk.