And the angels swing

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 26, 2003

Years ago (oh, so many), when I was dating age – this determined by king of the eight-kid household – Benny Goodman had a big hit record called, &uot;And the Angels Sing.&uot; Worry not, I’m about to connect it.

Last Sunday I was a guest at Suffolk Christian Church to see their children’s Christmas program. So, now I can say the angels &uot;swing.&uot; Picture four different sizes singing an &uot;Alleluia&uot; and swinging to the tempo. I saw a halo tip and bounce around. I believe the real ones lose points for careless halo-wearing. She also had the sleeves (very loose ones) flying about. Seems that the Goodman angels would get a demerit or two. This angel got applause.

Now to a character that really got to me. For this once I use both names, breaking my hard and fast rule – no last names. Mea culpa. He was Bracey Parr, grandson of a woman I used to play cards with at the church. (No illegal gambling, just friendly UNO or Spite and Malice to while away the time – but to win!) Now Bracey swung his group of about 20 ages 6-13.

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This was the choir and they were his – make no mistake. He directed. When he signed stop – they stopped!

The church was gloriously decorated. The congregation was always friendly and cordial. Carmen Hally – Mrs. Reverend – put the play together. She is so talented. I’m proud to say she and Michael (Mr. Reverend), are good friends. Believe me, I write this on my own – no prompting from either one.

After the delightful children’s production, I decided the angels could (and should) swing. It looks so good and seems so right. Are you listening, Benny Goodman?

Florence Arena is a resident of Hillcrest Retirement Center and a regular News-Herald columnist.