Keep resolutions sweet, simple

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Today’s the day when people traditionally make promises to themselves to improve their lives – the usual diet (yawn), exercise (yeah right) and thrift (ha.ha). You get idea. Most all of us make these promises that are either unrealistic, just out of reach or just something said to feel better for a little while.

You’ll recall that in yesterday’s editorial we urged moderation in all things, particularly when it comes to partying on New Year’s Eve. Chiefly, we join with the police to advise you not to drink and drive. Just thought we’d slip that in.

But we digress…


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Instead, we should concentrate on the realistic vows that will have a greater impact and more immediate payback: Start by being kinder to yourself and others, and we don’t mean treating oneself and others to Godvia Chocolates on a regular basis.

Refraining from violent outbursts of any kind toward family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers on the highway is a good start.

Then there’s that popular advice to practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty. What does that mean? Being nice for its own sake without thought of any immediate reenumeration of any kind other than the enriching satisfaction of doing good.

Simplifying our lives is a hot topic on bookshelves, magazines and talk shows. But where to start? Begin by not buying stuff for the sake of spending money. Then look around your dwelling or even office and ask the hard questions of when you’re going to next use dust-covered items? Can’t think of an immediate answer? Toss it.

Now you might ask, what is the News-Herald’s resolutions? To treat you the customers with more respect (promptly answering phone calls, saying yes whenever possible, giving you the attention you warrant), and reporting accurate, fair and useful news.

Sweet, simple and quite within our reach.

Happy New Year!