Council gets look at landfill road project

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Suffolk News-Herald

Trucks trying to leave the Southeastern Suffolk Public Service Authority’s regional landfill often have to wait 30 minutes or more to cross the heavily traveled U.S. Route 58 and get on their way.

That will be a problem of the past come spring, when SPSA’s new $2 million road project is complete.

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Under construction for the past year, the improvements to the landfill’s entrance and exit are designed to make traffic flow smoother, safer and more efficient for landfill users, said Dan Miles, director of operations.

Miles was one of the handful of SPSA officials who on Wednesday afternoon gave the Suffolk City Council a tour of the agency’s 833-acre site.

&uot;Growth is heading west,&uot; Miles told the group traveling by bus through the landfill. &uot;It is becoming increasingly difficult getting into and out of the landfill.&uot;

The project features two key components:

nA 1/2-mile stretch of new highway along U.S. Route 58,

including an improved westbound right-turn lane, a new acceleration lane from the landfill entrance to the westbound Route 58 exit to downtown Suffolk, and an improved eastbound Route 58 left-turn lane for vehicles entering the landfill from the west.

nAlmost one mile of new roadway connecting westbound Business Route 58 with eastbound Bypass Route 58, including a new deceleration lane, circular ramp, and acceleration lane.

Once the improvements are finished, motorists leaving the landfill and heading east will no longer have to cross Route 58, Miles said.

&uot;More often than not, it will be quicker for us to make that right turn from the landfill – and for other vehicles using the site,&uot; Miles said. &uot;In every case, the maneuver will be safer.

&uot;Because traffic is increasing on this corridor at a very high rate, we think this is a very opportune time to make this effort.&uot;

Although SPSA has footed the bill for the project, the Virginia Department of Transportation will assume its maintenance responsibilities, Miles said.