Clifton Edwards never met a stranger

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 25, 2004

Suffolk News-Herald

Clifton Edwards, jovial and good-spirited, knows no strangers.

If he promises you that he is going to do something, he lets nothing stand in the way of its completion.


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Popular in the community, Edwards has an outgoing personality and loves all kinds of sports, music and dancing.

Especially dancing.

Those who’ve seen him enjoying this favorite activity usually &uot;ooh&uot; and &uot;aah&uot; at his every move to the music. His smooth style on the dance floor makes his partners look like professionals as he guides them into fancy turns.

&uot;When it comes to music, my favorite kind is jazz,&uot; Edwards said. &uot;As far as dancing is concerned, my favorite is hand dancing.

&uot;Freestyle dancing requires less energy than hand dancing and I also consider the fact that the more energy you burn, the better it is for your health because it is a form of exercise.&uot;

Speaking of exercise, Edwards just took advantage of the YMCA’s reduced joining offer and became a member. He believes a person owes it to himself to maintain a sound body and good health.

Edwards took care of mother until her death in August 2003. He refused to let her go into a nursing home, saying that as long as he had a house, she had a home.

In May 2001, he was hired by the Suffolk Public School System as head printer at the print shop on Clay Street. Before that, he worked for AFG Family Groups Inc. in Virginia Beach and as supervisor of printing services at Norfolk State University.

He moved back to Suffolk so he would be more accessible to his mother during the day.

&uot;I love my employment here and the people I work with,&uot; Edwards said. &uot;Every morning I get up, I can’t wait to get the day started.

&uot;I look forward to meeting new people and facing new challenges.&uot;

Name? Clifton Edwards

Age? 58

Family? Divorced and have three daughters and five grandchildren.

Education? Edwards is a 1963 graduate of the former Booker T. Washington High School, attended Northeast Regional Vocational School, Riverside Community College in Riverside, Calif., and Tidewater Community College Portsmouth.

Career/Occupation? Master and head printer for Suffolk Public Schools.

Volunteer Activities? S.G.I-U.S.A. Af’ram Fest. (Arts Division), B.T.W. Alumni Association.

Favorite thing about life in Suffolk? My favorite things about my hometown are the friendly people and low crime rate.

Why did you pursue your chosen career? I really wanted to be creative (an artist) but I couldn’t sketch so I chose to reproduce other people’s creations.

Favorite thing about your job? Knowing that what I do will have a positive impact on so many people, especially the children.

Least favorite thing about your job? Having to redo any project.

Who or what motivates and inspires you? My mentor in life, Daisaku Ikeda, because of his determination to encourage each young person to have hope and to continuously improve oneself.

Favorite way to spend your free time? Participating in my practice of Nichiren Buddhism, dancing and going to the movies.

What words of wisdom would you like to share with others? Always strive to improve one’s self, take responsibility for your actions, become good listeners, and be willing to admit when you are wrong.

What ingredients are in the recipe for a good life? All things in moderation, getting to know people of all cultures, contributing to our community, and maintaining good health.

We all have our &uot;15 minutes of fame&uot; in this life. How would you spend your time in the spotlight? I would spend that time dialoging on the importance of developing a concrete formula for world peace.