Time for the Super Pick!

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 1, 2004

Suffolk News-Herald

New England 24, Carolina 10. Two years ago, the Patriots themselves proved that Super Bowl upsets simply don’t exist when they charged past a stunned St. Louis team. The team we see on the field today may be much better than the 2001 league champs, but they still need to remember never to look past an underdog. The Boston boys have won 14 straight (nine of which were by eight points or less), but a loss today renders everything worthless. The Patriots have not given up more than 16 points in six straight games, and squashed Peyton Manning and Steve McNair, while the Panthers wasted Donovan McNabb and Marc Bulger. Jake Delhomme (who has the same shot at superstardom that Tom Brady took advantage of two years ago) decimated the Philadelphia defense along with Deshaun Foster and Stephen Davis, while Brady made Tennessee and Indianapolis nuts. New England gets the Pick because the Carolina defense was overwhelmed by Houston and Atlanta during the regular season, but, again, no upsets.


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