Colors in our world

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 3, 2004

Colors talk. Colors shout. Colors whisper. I love color and they do affect me in many areas. Today I’m going to show you how we show our feelings for events, occasions and happenings. All are intertwined with color.

A death calls for somber black. There is no ignoring the anguish, sorrow and vulnerability of one in mourning. Thus the black.

Happiness comes to light in bright cheery colors – pretty pink, yellow and red. Come a purity sign (even if it doesn’t really exist) so we dress our brides in white. Who will argue this point? Let the bride remain pure. No arguments, please. Proof will never be provided.

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Some nations are deep in color. South American countries flash bright (sometimes garish) colors to represent their nations. How can anyone deny the bright green that shouts, &uot;Ireland’? So even countries get into it.

Our news comes in black-and-white print. Then on television it comes out in color. Those presenting the news usually wear bright colors or, if it’s a female reporter, a designer outfit – very costly.

Colors determine a mood if you care to give it time and thought. We look for certain colors to explain feelings or to raise some jealously. This can be done by comparing style, fitting or just design.

New area for color – songs. We sing about the weather – &uot;Blue Skies,&uot; &uot;Alice Blue Gown,&uot; &uot;Am I Blue?&uot; Songwriters felt safe using blue. Got one more song for you. Since it was played at my wedding I can’t leave it out: Dec. 28, 1942 – &uot;White Christmas,&uot; Sneaked that in.

How about telling a boy baby from a girl baby? Blue for a boy – pink for a girl. I’m sure there are other ways to tell them apart, but I’m not touching that!

We have that famous house – the White House. We’ll always have our favorite colors. We select those that favor our coloring. We females go a step further and select make-up colors. It just doesn’t end, does it? How about your choices?

I left out one category. Since it’s a love of mine, I’ll mention it here – books. I’ll just give you one. It gets you away from all the &uot;blue&uot; Here it is, &uot;How Green Was My Valley.&uot; Loved the book. Loved the movie.

Forgot the kids. I like kids instead of children. It makes them seem more human. For the kids – it’s Mother Goose – &uot;Little Boy Blue.&uot; Can’t get away from the blue, can I?

Had enough? I have!

Florence Arena is a resident of the Hillcrest Retirement Center and a regular News-Herald columnist.