Embezzlement vs. drunk driving

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 17, 2004

Editor, the News-Herald:

On 15 April, 2004, accounts in Daily Press and Suffolk News Herald , some of us read that Jefferey R. Vanhosen had agreed to pay to the city, for his crime of charging persons for inspections, and failing to turn the funds into the city treasurer, the amount of $1,000.

It also stated that he may have to serve ten (10) years in prison.


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In the same newspapers, a 22 year old man, Joshua Meads,

Was convicted because of driving under influence, causing the death of two women and injuring a man. His sentence is 41 years

in prison. This man will be almost ready to draw social security when he gets out of prison.

I believe the sentences should be for all prisoners to have to perform civic duties each day of their prison terms. (i.e. picking up trash from all roadways, etc..), even if it means wearing a ball and chain.

I also believe this city should charge the embezzler with paying to this city double the amount of the alleged amount which he stole and that each victim at his hand receive their money plus interest commensurate with the current interest rates.


persons should have to compensate the families who lost their loved ones with a memorial payment, i.e. pay for funeral expenses, or a suitable memorial.

Mary Grace Garner-Atkins