Brick streets may enhance the area

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 18, 2004

Work that’s under way apparently to resurface West Washington Street looks to have been stalled of late by rainy weather.

We hope city officials can use the time to rethink the project.

One cannot help but notice the brick streets lying beneath the asphalt that the resurfacing work has exposed. While admittedly a long shot, it would be wonderful if a way could be found to preserve and capitalize on the treasure.

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So many individuals have committed their time and money to refurbishing stately old homes, along the thoroughfare and surrounding neighborhoods, that the area is on the verge of becoming a real jewel. The aesthetic value of a brick street would compound the impact of their efforts.

As we mentioned above, it’s hardly likely that we’ll be seeing a brick West Washington Street, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. It would be nice, however, if officials would at least consider sparing the asphalt and doing something to preserve the street.