We are all Americans

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 26, 2004

Editor, the News-Herald:

I pray that Mr. Tom Cahoon’s attitude toward people from the &uot;north&uot; is not representative of the majority of Southern Gentlemen. If so I fail to understand the term &uot;genteel&uot; he used to describe those fortunate to have been raised in the south.

He accuses me of writing insulting diatribe about the Confederates and lacking respect for the south. .Nonsense, I have a copy of everything I have ever written in the Suffolk News Herald and if he can find even one instance of such language I will buy lunch. However, he cannot be the judge of that…I would prefer someone less intense.

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As a carpetbagger from the north my first act was to start a business in South Norfolk back in 1970. Within five months I had hired more than 60 people directly from the Virginia Employment Commission, with whom I had a great and lasting relationship. I have, during my 34 years in Virginia acquired many friends from both north and the south. Perhaps it is because they like me recognize we are one country without borders and all of us with citizenship are Americans. If I, as he suggests, were to pack up and leave it would be because of attitudes like Mr. Cahoon’s.

Robert R. Pocklington