Why a Suffolk man relocated to Gates County

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 29, 2004

Editor, Suffolk News-Herald:

In response to your new 17 percent budget for the upcoming fiscal year of $277,000,000 hard-earned , I must comment, this is what made me relocate to Gate County, N.C., in 1994.

Please allow me to tell about our little piece of heaven. As to economies, our real estate and personal property rate is $0.83 per $100, 100 percent of accessed value, not $1.08 real estate and $4.50 that you presently pay. We do have septic tanks on good percable soil in lieu of city sewage without a sewer fee for life. Our water is from a municipal system at an extremely reasonable rate and the best in the county area, headed up by Mr. Bud Eure, a very dedicated and conscious manager. We have several trash collection centers throughout the county managed by very personable and friendly employees who will readily assist you should you be a lady or senior citizen to off load your trash.

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As to security and keeping crime at a minimum, now that the honorable Ed Webb, sheriff, and his highly-trained, state-of-the-art staff are in house, crime is below the state and national average.

As to education, compare our test scores with yours and get ready for a surprise. As to the county staff, even taking out massive growth in the last 10 years, we still do not need an assistant to the assistant for every position as you do, thereby lowering our cost of operation. Our country work ethic must be different.

Last, but not least, people of all races readily speak to each other in passing, know each other, watch out for each other’s kids and, also, many churches to serve one’s spiritual beliefs, again our little piece of heaven. Come visit for a spell, stay a lifetime!

Roy Weaver Jr.

Gates, N.C.