Don’t neglect to vote this Tuesday

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 2, 2004

Don’t like the fact that the Unified Development Ordinance won’t allow you to divide your farmland into a subdivision?

Or that city still hasn’t installed water and sewer in your neck of the woods?

Whatever your gripe with the city, if you happen to live in the Whaleyville, Nansemond or Sleepy Hole voting districts, now it your chance to do more than talk.

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On Tuesday, you finally can put some action behind your words…VOTE!

Although there is no competition in the northern Suffolk races, the choices won’t be nearly so easy in Whaleyville. Two political newcomers – businessman Roger Leonard and the Rev. Isaac Baker – are hoping to oust veteran City Councilman Curtis Milteer. Whaleyville resident Bessie Watson is expecting to win the School Board seat from incumbent Sharon Harris.

The School Board race in the Nansemond borough, which pits incumbent John Riddick against Thelma Hinton, a member of the Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority, is the only other contested race.

Even if there the candidates in your area are unopposed, take five minutes to go by the polls and cast a vote. You will be doing more than selecting the lawmaker who will represent your interests for the next four years.

You will be buying the right to complain long and loud the next time the City Council raises taxes.

Or going before the School Board, making appeals that teachers receive 22 percent raises next year.