Columnist’s memory needs refreshed

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Editor, the News-Herald:

In today’s edition, Robert Pocklington denies ever having made insulting remarks about Confederates and challenges anyone to find even one instance of such language.

I would invite his attention to his column of October 17, 2002. Commenting on the Sons Of Confederate Veterans participation in the Peanut Fest Parade, he asked these questions: &uot;Were there Black Panthers in the parade? Were there sons and daughters of other wars in the parade? How about sons and daughters of Japanese or Germans who fought bravely against us in 1944? Would there have been letters to the editors if they had marched?&uot; He closed by saying that since he was raised in Michigan, he thought it would be wise to maintain a goodly distance from the battle, a vow he has been unwilling to uphold.


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If comparing Confederate Veterans to the Japanese and Nazi veterans of World War II is not insulting and contemptible in his judgment, it just serves to point out the differences that exist between our cultures. I bear no hard feelings against Robert and never miss reading his column (even the insulting ones). Kelly’s Tavern is a great lunch spot and to prove that I am truly a Southern Gentleman, I will pick up the tab (even though my Yankee friend is clearly the loser in this latest volley).

Tom Cohoon