Trash at park was deplorable

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Editor, the News-Herald:

This past weekend my friend had a birthday party for his daughter at the park behind Farm Fresh. There were a lot of people there and there were three or four birthday parties going on. The park was nice but it was an eyesore to look at the trash on the ground with trash cans full and no where to put our trash.

We had to haul it off.

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The city utilities department was called and asked if they were going to come pick up the trash and they told us it wouldn’t be until Monday or Tuesday that they would be able to pick it up or clean it up.

My question is, why isn’t someone on duty on these days as it is getting hotter and more people are having get togethers at the parks on the weekends? At least have them to drive by those places to check on them for trash. That is what our taxes are for.

Kelly Wilson