Bricked streets repaved again. Pity

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 6, 2004

Editor, the News-Herald:

I noticed yesterday that without much regard for preservation, West Washington’s brick roadway, a relic from Suffolk’s more prosperous halcyon days, was once again buried under several inches of black asphalt. I found this ironic: on the front page of your newspaper was an article on the city’s efforts at attracting the state Department of Historic Resources to relocate downtown.

Instead of addressing the cost to benefit issues with the community, some city official deemed it prudent to spend a few less dollars to blacktop the road. The street now looks just as mundane as any street in any town in the county. Residents wonder why so few people come to visit downtown? Clearly, ugly is one reason. Here was an opportunity to demonstrate to the region, and certainly the Department of Historic Resources, of Suffolk’s continued commitment to its historic background by revealing more brick paved streets. The dollars would have been well spent enhancing street appeal to residents and visitors like myself.

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There are those in the community that will show their remorse by wringing their hands and saying a few critical words, but the deed has been done, and this brick street, like so many other things we hear about, has been covered up.

Thomas Paine