Lightning strikes twice for NSA golfer

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 10, 2004

Suffolk News-Herald

What are the odds of a hole-in-one on a normal (in other words, non-miniature) golf course? It depends on who you ask.

Golf Digest estimates that one out of every 12,701 tee shots on a par three land in the hole. The United States Golf Register says that there’s a one-in-33,000 chance. Sports Illustrated is even more pessimistic, calling the probability one in 45,000.

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But what, pray tell, is the likelihood that a person could get TWO aces- let alone within two weeks of one another? In the millions? The billions? The gazillions?

Probably so. But when her first shot rolled into the cup on the ninth hole of Suffolk Golf Course for the second time in 11 days on Monday afternoon, Katie Murphy wasn’t as surprised as the oddsmakers might have expected.

&uot;It was quite interesting, actually,&uot; said the Nansemond-Suffolk Academy freshman, who eagled the par-3, 151-yard hole for the first time on April 30. &uot;I thought I had knocked it over the green. But the first place I checked was the green, and there it was. I was much more excited, but wasn’t as stunned (as the first time). I knew it wasn’t a lucky shot; it had something to do with skill.&uot;

She’ll hope to show even more of her skill when her team heads to Kiln Creek today for its final match of the regular season.