A new home

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I have moved. Words of sheer horror, as everyone knows. I had boxes filled that seemed to go to the ceiling. Have you noticed in moving that after arrival at a new place you establish a missing list? You know you’ve packed all. How come? Well, you’ll come across it when you least expect it or when you don’t need it. I have, however, made a solemn vow to never even look at a box again. I won’t wrap a Christmas gift if it comes in a box.

After getting that off my chest … to the new place I call home. It is quite beautiful and shiny. My room is bigger than what I left. Windows look out on a lovely green patch, trees, bushes and a slight view of cars on the road. So alive, so peaceful looking.

To the dining room, Setting close to elegant. Pretty pattern and an added prize the charming table mates. One is a sports fan, real into it. Number two is quiet, but knows the score. Number three is also quiet, too quiet, but nice to listen to when she speaks.

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The halls are bright with light wallpaper in a pretty pattern. Railings are shiny white with a shelf form railing back to the wall. There are more elegantly furnished rooms for socials, of which there are many.

The grounds are lovely with a stone court to sit and enjoy the sun or even be courted if you can find one who courts – unless you bring a courting couple. It won’t happen here. Tough!

To you who go elegant, there are suites to be had.

To the boss – no one should look so young and have a son in college. If he is as nice and looks like his mama, I’m sorry I don’t have a daughter same age to offer. How about a granddaughter?

Place is large, airy and ground is lovely. Residents seem happy. No reason not to be here. Everyone has a cheery &uot;hello&uot; in the halls. We have a doctor aboard and he’s Irish! Naturally I’ll accept him. Such good taste having matched his ethnicity to mine.

Here’s thumbs up and grades. I didn’t spend 27 years teaching for nothing. So here goes:

Looks of Magnolia Manor – didn’t think I’d name it, did you? A+,

Boss – the lovely Martha – A+

Residents – A (The plus can come when I know them My three are A+, of course)

Service – AA+ (for you, staff)

Rooms and suites – what else?

Complaints? None.

Food? Great! Isn’t that an A+?

And so, good night. I’m tired now. Eighty-seven-year-olds don’t stay up for just anything. More some other time.

Florence Arena is a regular News-Herald columnist now living in Magnolia Manor, Smithfield.