Angels and such

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 4, 2004

Today I’ll startle one and all, as I’m taking on angels and religion. I can hear my dad from his grave way up in Massachusetts: &uot;Haven’t I taught you the two subjects you steer clear of are religion and politics? You don’t listen!&uot; Sound familiar, folks? I’d bet on it.

Now, here’s the religion part of it. Politics I’ll do another time. Angels I’ll do in part today. Some facts are needed first of all. So here goes. I’m from the Bay State (Mass.) and I’m Catholic. Virginia is Protestant. Don’t get the boxing gloves yet. I say this because it’s true. I don’t mind. Two of my best-loved friends were pastors of a Christian church and the other a Baptist church. No conclusion jumping. I am good friends with their wives. In Virginia the Protestants outnumber the Catholics by 10 to 1 if not more. Now, I’m not at all complaining. We are outnumbered in people, churches, and officials that run the works. Are we bothered? Not on you life. We’d give a helping hand if it were ever needed. Call us.

I said I’d bring the angels to this party and so I shall. Angels are sweet, gentle beings, always doing well. To keep an eye on us if he’s busy we are given a guardian angel each. This angel keeps close watch over you and keeps you out of trouble. How come no one ever told my angel that was the rule? Angels are smart, happy, respectful, little people. They smile. They laugh. Do you suppose they fall in love and marry? Wouldn’t you love to be able to say, &uot;I went to an angel’s wedding?&uot; Question: What’s a good wedding gift for married angels?

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Now you know me by now so here’s my question. How come no girl angels? We record the archangel Michael and then come Gabriel. No Helen or Sue? We gals could be good ones. After all, Gabriel was used to announce and tell stuff. Women do that best. Get smart up there, if there is an &uot;up there.&uot;

Wonder if they have a union? How did they come about? The Lord did some pretty cool creating for a while there. Maybe they were a part of His resting period.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to select your own guardian angel? I’d insist on a female and blonde (always wanted to be blonde). Guess I’d better leave well enough alone. I’d end up getting her in trouble and she’d be kicked out of her portion of Paradise and I’d never be forgiven by her and that’s tough on an angel. Glad I’m not one.

I’d suggest organizing the girl angels take place. How would the powers &uot;that be&uot; take to a bevy of &uot;want to be&uot; girl angels picketing in front of the gates of heaven. Would keep St. Peter busy at the gate.

Florence Arena is a resident of Magnolia Manor in Smithfield and a regular News-Herald columnist..