New weight training equipment a hit at Y

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Jason Norman

Suffolk News-Herald

Are you one of the thousands of Suffolkians that use the Suffolk YMCA to get in shape with strength training? Last month, did you rack up thousands of points with the facility’s Fitlinxx program, which charts how much weight was lifted, how many calories were burned, and how much cardio time was recorded?


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Well, there’s good news and bad news for local weight lifters. The bad news is, the Magnum equipment that allowed you to perform hours of strength training is gone. The good news is, it’s been replaced with something new and improved – Cybex equipment!

Though most of the exercises themselves are basically the same as they were before, the machines are state-of-the art, offering more thorough, complete body workouts.

Just to name a few, the abdominal machine is much tougher than the older one, there’s a new hip abductor that builds up the inner and outer thighs, and the shoulder machine offers an improved range of motion.

The new machines were first previewed at the Albemarle YMCA in North Carolina last year.

&uot;The members loved it,&uot; said Suffolk YMCA associated director Cindy Butts. &uot;They were more top of the line and advanced. Our Magnum equipment was about five or six years old.&uot;

In the weight room, Fitlinxx trainers like Rondell Davis are busy signing up members to their new workout plans. &uot;Whether users are beginners or advanced, Cybex works with all levels,&uot; Davis said between appointments. &uot;We haven’t had any complaints – everybody’s been satisfied, and having something new gives them more motivation.&uot;