Gospelrobics stretching to reach other

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 27, 2004

Suffolk News-Herald

The organization Wisdom in Sisterhood and Empowerment (WISE) may become quite popular and reach many cities in the near future.

Regie Thornton commented June 19 after his first session of Gospelrobics in Birdsong Recreation Center that it was a fun group he had worked with and really enjoyed. He also said his production company is looking for a women’s group to do a live show and asked Evangela Watford, the founder of WISE, to get another group together here in Suffolk. If she did, he would get his producers to come and do a taping of it.

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Thornton co-hosts the WORD Network and MBC’s Gospelrobics Fitness Show. The same people who

produce his shows also produce TV news shows 20/20 and 60 Minutes.

Although the attendance was not great in number, those attending were impressed by it. Jackie Milteer said that she felt really great after exercising.

&uot;Girl we need to do this all of the time,&uot; she said.

Watford said that comments like this from others who attended and numerous phone calls after the first session ended were the reasons that caused her to make the decision to hold another exercise session in the John F. Kennedy gymnasium July 24.

&uot;The question-and-answer period was very interesting and informative,&uot; said Watford. &uot;One question that was asked, how much water should an individual drink a day got an interesting answer. Regie responded to that question by saying that it depended on the individual and that drinking eight glasses of water a day was difficult for the average individual. Therefore, the person would have to work his way up to that amount. He also said that water was supposed to be half of a person’s body weight.

&uot;We had mostly women to attend the first session and the other interesting thing that Regie said was that most men seem to think that lifting weights and pumping iron are masculine exercises and that aerobics was a feminine one. He also said that lifting weights and pumping don’t benefit the heart too much. He said that aerobics is a cardiovascular exercise and men should take time to get involved in because it gives the person who does it a total and complete body workout.&uot;

Watford was pleased with how the first gospelrobics session went and also said that she is looking forward to July 24. She is also inviting boyfriends to join their girlfriends, husbands to join their wives and children to join their parents for a complete family fellowship.

&uot;Taking care of our health, spending time with our families, and having fun together are the three ingredients that leads to happier and healthier lifestyles and you can get all three through Gospelrobics exercising,&uot; she said.