Questions and answers

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 2, 2004

I’ll start right out by saying I’m nosey. As a little girl I was always asking &uot;Why?&uot; &uot;Where?&uot; &uot;Who?&uot; &uot;When?&uot; My poor mother suffered through this period. She’d throw up her hands (always wanted to use that) and say in a most exasperated manner, &uot;Questions, questions! When does it stop?&uot; It never did.

So many questions and no answers to them. Try this one. Does Raymond Burr as Perry Mason ever lose a case? How about letting it happen just once? He can afford to lose the 1500 he charges just once.

Two dancing movie stars – Fred Astaire and Gene Kelley. Great? Tremendous talent. Which is better? I wouldn’t touch that! I love the work of both so don’t ask me.

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Then there are the things you can’t control. Which do you think is better, summer or winter? For me, I’ll take the warmth even though a bikini would be only a dream. I have two adult kids who happen to be expert skiers, so bring on the snow and cold for them. Brrrrr.

Could I throw in an every day question? Here it is. Is Martha Stewart guilty? This can be a little sticky. This is a woman judged by so many. Most are jealous of her extraordinary success and feel in Martha’s case greed was the reason for all her success and wealth. I can assure you success comes after you break your back to ensure success. Nothing comes easy.

Now we can get silly. How about the rivalry of two gals for the same guy? (Lucky guy!!) Got to work for any success here. I give it to the gal who works hardest-on appearance, calm attitude, lots of smiles, and showing a keen sense of normalcy as though nothing were taking place – just every day goings on. We women are so sneaky, but we are loved.

We’ll just mention whose team is best. I’ll throw in my Yankees here. Beat them if you can. Can’t be done.

Flash! Announcement-Perry Mason was wrong. He accused the wrong man. I just saw it. He always appeared in a dark suit. Today a tan suit, so I was sure this was an unusual happening. How right I was! He accused a man he was questioning. Pandemonium broke out! A witness came forward. He did it. Poor Perry! To be wrong! In a tan suit-doesn’t it all add up?

Question answered.

Florence Arena is a regular News-Herald columnist. Her columns appear each Friday.