On second go-around, play is ‘funner’, a little ‘peppier’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 8, 2004

Suffolk News-Herald

It’s been a year now since Suffolk first met Aviyance, a goddess in her own mind that, just as she was ready to capitalize on her big break into stardom, met her not-so-untimely demise. But as the play &uot;Glitter, Lights and Fame,&uot; progressed, we in the audience tried to guess who the culprit might be – because there was a laundry list of suspects.

Well, somehow, Aviyance is back – and so is the rest of the cast.

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The second go-round of &uot;Glitter, Lights and Fame,&uot; swings back through Suffolk at 3 and 6 p.m. July 17 at King’s Fork Middle School. &uot;The lines are a little more defined,&uot; said playwright Marquisha Powell. &uot;We made it a little peppier and funnier than last time. It’s a whole lot different, and a whole lot better.&uot;

As we get re-acquainted with the characters, we’ll learn that Ms. Foxy, revealed to be the mastermind the last time around, is running her own entertainment company, with Lola, a feisty Latina bombshell with an attitude to match, as her main attraction. As Foxy and her daughter Jill have racked up quite a fortune through the use of identity theft, they start looking to purchase the contract of a new diva – and guess who it turns out to be?

That’s right – Aviyance has been resurrected. But what does she have in mind? Is she looking to regain the spotlight that she so longed for the first time around? If so, could she still be a popular target by an assassin who didn’t get things right the first time? Perhaps Lola might get a little too sensitive about her fanfare being stolen, or Emmy, an obsessed fan, won’t be able to control her feelings. It could be that Roberto, who so pined after Aviyance the first time, wants her back and isn’t taking no for an answer. Or perhaps Aviyance is out for revenge, and has a secret that will turn the tables on everyone.

A newcomer to the Hurrah players, Mary Everett’s ready to bring Foxy’s evilness to reality. &uot;It’s exciting, since it’s a new experience,&uot; said the Lakeland High School student. &uot;It’s awkward, because, unlike Foxy, Mary’s a good person! I had to get into character, so I looked at people who were evil and followed their ways!&uot;

After a small role last year, Sarah Yauger’s playing Jill. &uot;I get to make a bad guy cool,&uot; she said. &uot;It didn’t seem like that big of a part at first, but when people see how it plays out into the whole scheme of the play, it works.&uot;

And what about Aviyance herself? This time, it’s Teisha Swint in the main role. &uot;It’s kind of hard, because I liked the way she was played last year, and it was hard to mimic,&uot; said the Lakeland student. &uot;But at the same time, I get to put my own spin on things.&uot;