Support U.S.A., freedom; vote for Bush-Cheney

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 23, 2004

Editor, the News-Herald:

Stolen and lost national security papers from Bill Clinton’s Sandy Berger is just one of the many proofs that the &uot;I hate America…Jane Fonda Democrats&uot; have sold out the United States to terrorists.

Below are just a few proofs that the liberal Democrats like Kerry and Edwards hate freedom and want to destroy our form of government.:

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Jimmy Carter in the middle of the night got his Democratically controlled Congress to give the Panama Canal away and who owns most of it now?

The Chinese.

Bill Clinton, after helping to &uot;burn the American Flag&uot; in Europe, immediately when he became President:

(a) Would not allow a USA uniformed service man enter the White House. He hated our military.

(b) Removed many from the CIA and FBI and replaced them with new people who did not have to go through security clearance or even take drug tests.

(c) Cut major spending for the CIA, FBI and our military with the great help of Senator John Kerry who voted every time to cut support for our military.

(d) sold secret nuclear documents to the Chinese for election campaign funds

(e) Allowed Osama bin Laden to &uot;get away&uot; when he had been captured on two different occasions.

We will now have this new &uot;Terrorist Gate&uot; investigation on Sandy Berger who worked for the Clintons that will last for years I am sure, spending more and more tax money to find out what documents Sandy Berger took and which ones he lost, and most importantly, who put him up to it and who was he protecting?

Was it Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton to cover up something they did or allowed the terrorists to do?

Was it John Kerry or John Edwards (Edwards: member of the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee who was supposed to make sure that the CIA and FBI were doing their job) proving their hate for our country, our freedom, our military and their great desire to make us a communistic country?

We must now stop these most liberal, war demonstrating, anti USA Democrats from ruining our freedom and country.

John Kerry is noted as the No. 1 most anti USA liberal senator and his running mate, John Edwards, was selected as No. 4 of all 100 Senators. We are talking about a future with these men with much higher taxes, much higher interest rates a hate for private business and most importantly, a country that will once again be vulnerable to a terrorist inviting level back where we were at the end of the Clinton Administration

People seem to forget that Iraq’s old leader, Saddam Hussein, had broken for over 10 years the UN’s 13 resolutions and continued to, day after day, fire at out military planes flying over the No Fly Zone. The UN didn’t even care, for it became an organization whose &uot;family and friends&uot; were profiting from the &uot;Oil for Food&uot; program like France and Kofi Annan’s own son was doing…raking in millions of profit.

There were weapons of mass destruction and Saddam would never say where he put them (or who he sold them to) like those recently found in the Netherlands and like Mr. Pocklington has said are buried in Syria. Everyone agreed that there were and that Saddam and these weapons were a threat to our USA including Clinton, Kerry and Edwards. We will find them over time. No one could actually believe that he did not have them. They are somewhere and terrorist were planning to use them and still are on the USA.

Terrorists just like the Clintons and Kerry and Edwards are working to prevent our freedoms, especially our freedom and right to worship God and obey God’s Word.

Help support our Freedom and our Country and our servicemen. Help to keep us &uot;one nation under God&uot; and a country that knows the difference between right and wrong and know the laws given to us by God to obey. Let’s help re elect President Bush, who knows that God’s Word states that a marriage is between and man and a woman, who knows that God has given our country freedom and wants us to protect it. Bush has made our country strong again and has helped repair much of the damage that Clintons/Kerry/Edwards did that made us vulnerable to evil.

God Bless America!

Niecie Garner