President’s supporters come to his defense

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Editor, Suffolk News Herald

I would like to comment on the letter to the Editor published in the July 25th edition of the Suffolk News-Herald.

I have a lot of respect for veterans, particularly those who fought in the Vietnam War. It is surprising that a veteran of this particular war supports a man like John Kerry, who consorted with anti-war types who spit on and cursed our Vietnam Veterans.

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In regard to Iraq, the letter further states that &uot;we attacked them without cause.&uot; I have two comments about that allegation. First, there was plenty of intelligence to conclude that Saddam Hussein was a gathering threat to the U.S. Secondly, we have attacked a number of countries that did not overtly attack us. Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, declared war on both Japan and Germany. Germany had not attacked us, but it was strongly believed by most U.S. citizens that the Germans posed a serious threat. There are several other countries, Bosnia, Panama, Grenada and-Oh Yes-North Vietnam, which we attacked first.

Perhaps the writer conveniently forgot that part of history.

We are fortunately, to have a man like George Bush as our president. He is honest, diligent, determined, compassionate and a great leader.

I hope all of you will vote to reelect George Bush on November 2nd. We cannot afford to have a novice like John Kerry as president; a man who threw his medals away supporting an anti-war demonstration.

Eugene Sankey