Woodyard backs into record book

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Suffolk News-Herald

Jeff Woodyard set a new 15-18 Boys 50 Backstroke Western Tidewater Swimming Associ-ation (WTSA) record at the WTSA All-Star meet Saturday afternoon at the Nansemond Swim Club, helping the host Sharks (NS) to third place in the meet. Woodyard, who also won the 50-Fly and helped his team to first place in the Mixed 200 Free and Medley relays, pulled up with a time of 30.94 seconds – .19 faster than the mark that teammate Jarred Baird set earlier this season. Churchland took first, and the Marlins (Chesapeake) second. East/West (EW) and the Tsunami Club (TS), both of Suffolk, finished fifth and sixth, respectively.

TS’s Blake Matthews charged to his personal best in the 7/8 Boys 100 IM, coming in at 1:58.07, nearly eight seconds ahead of his qualifying time, for third in the event. NSC’s Joe Wendlend was fourth (2:17.44) and EW’s Curtis Oliver fifth (2:18.12).

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Lady Barracuda Emily Neuburg snared Suffolk’s first victory in the 7/8 Girls 100 IM, and her teammate Quaid O’Brien grabbed the Boys event (NS’s Josh Goodwin finished fifth). Jessica Johnston of NSC finished with a first-place 1:31.04 with the 9/10 Girls 100 IM, just over five seconds faster than second-place Lauren Keating of TS. NSC’s Taylor Dailer and EW’s Corey Burke were fourth and fifth in the 11/12 Boys 100 IM, and Becky Wendlend of NS and Kaitlin Staples of TS grabbed third and fourth in the 11/12 Girls 100 IM. Jeff Goodwin (NS) and Stephen Lee (EW) finished third and fourth in the 13/14 Boys 100 IM, and Brittany Edwards (TS) and Nadine Saint (NS) followed suit in the 15/18 event. Baird closed out the 100 IM races by winning the 15-18 Boys race with a time of 1:08.43.

The day’s first wave of relay competition came around, and NS’s Olivia Bono, Jordan Goodwin, Cole Manfred and Nicholas Schwegal teamed up to finish second in the 6U Mixed 100 Free relay with a time of 2:05.66, just over four seconds faster than TS’s Adam Rabayda, Justin Chicot, Taylor Corey and Ryan Pentecost.

In the 7/8 event, NS’s Austin Ebel, Maddie Ebel, Carly Thorndike and Taylor Beale got third in 1:29.78, edging by .59 the EW squad of Meghan Grumbling, Logan Lancaster, Curtis Oliver and Neuburg.

Thomas Westfall, Rachel Waller, Hunter Beale and Johnston brought home first place in 1:11.33 for the Sharks in the 9/10 race, and Katie Schwarting, Alicia Forehand, O’Brien and Caitlyn Grumbling grabbed fourth with 1:19.53. Things came down to the wire in the 11/12 event, with NS’s Curtis Hanson, Becky Wendlend, Robert Witten and Haleigh Wineman finished third – squeaking by a whopping .02 quicker than Rachel McManus, Megan Greenwell, Thomas Morgan and Staples of TS. Corey Burke, Rex Harrison, Taylor Neuberg and Taylor D’Etche-verry of EW were fifth.

Baird again ended an event with first place, teaming with Woodyard, Ryan Hanson and Ellen Cook for first in the 15/18 event at 1:54.99.

Three small Suffolkians finished in two seconds in 7/8 Boys 50 Free competition, as Beale finished third in 51.24, Mark Jamias of TS in 52.57, and Brody Longo of EW in 53.24. Carly Thorndike of NS finished third in the Girls event.

Alec Morgan became the first Tsunami to grab a first, hauling through the Boys 9/10 50 Free in 40.31. NS’s Allana Lumbard beat out the competition for first in the girls event with a 42.98, and Forehand finished fourth.

Tim Withrow of EW got third in the 11/12 race, and TS’s Zane Thivierge won fifth. Rachel McManus of TS took second in the girls event, with Wineman third and Taylor Neuberg fifth. Logan Sorensen of NS and Lee finished fourth and fifth in the 13/14 boys race.

Alexandra McManus won the 13/14 Girls event for TS, and Baird snared the 15/18 Boys event. Cooke finished second in the girls race, and Kellyn Burke of EW got fourth. Taylor Beale got second in the 8U Boys 15 breastroke, as did Bailey Hughes of EW. Alexa Locke of TS was fourth, and Westfall followed suit in the 9/10 Boys race. Ava Tagliferro (EW), Amanda Bowden (NS), Madison Garriott (TS) got third, fourth and fifth in the 9/10 Girls event, separated by 1.59 seconds.

Josh Goodwin of NS and Greg Youngblood of TS were third and fifth in the Boys 10U 50 Breast. Johnston swam for first in the Girls 10U 50 event, her time of 47.43 enough to hold off Keating at 50.09. Hanson grabbed second in the 11/12 Boys event, and NS’s Taylor Bono and TS’s Aron Morgan got third and fourth in the girls race.

Megan Thorndike won the 13/14 Girls 50 Breastroke in 44.45, and EW’s Jessica O’Grady got third, as did NS’s Jeff Goodwin in the boys event.

The Sharks swept the 15/18 50 Breastroke, with Ryan Hanson and Saint winning. Schwegal kept things going by taking the 6U Boys 25 backstroke, and Pentecost got third. Madison Bollhort grabbed another first for NS in the Girls race, with Meghan Lee nabbing third.

Jamias, Brian Spicer of NS and Derek Johnson of EW finished third, fourth and fifth in the 7/8 Boys 25 Back, and EW’s Rachel Kent and TS’s Jamie Lentini grabbed second and fourth in the girls race. Barracuda Kacy Burke got second in the 9/10 boys race, and Forehand got third in the girls event.

Mathews finished second and NS’s Austin Ebel fourth in 7/8 Boys 50 Back competition, and EW’s Taylor Harrison hit the wall first in the Girls race, with a time of 55.13.

Alec Morgan and Lumbard grabbed two more firsts in 9/10 backstroke, and Thomas Morgan won the 11/12 Boys event, with Dailey getting third. Kayla Chandler of NS and Aron Morgan got third and fourth in the 11/12 Girls 50 Back, and Wineman and Taylor Keeling, also of NS, finished third in the 13/14 races. Woodyard then set his new 15/18 Boys event record, and Catherine Fishburne of NS took third.

Philip Schwarting of EW finished just ahead of Joe Wendlend for second and third in Boys 8U Fly, and NS’s Hunter Beale grabbed third in the 9/10 race. Emily Neuberg finished second in the Girls 8U event, and Waller won the 9/10 race. O’Brien finished second in Boys 9/10 Fly, and NS’s Brian Werszner got fourth. Megan Coston of NS finished third in the 9/10 event, and Conrad Edler (TS) and Curtis Hanson got second and third in the 11/12 Fly, as did Becky Wendlend and Kaitlyn Staples, with D’Etcheverry getting fourth. Keeling and Katie Cook took second in the 13/14 Fly races, and Woodyard won the 15/18 event in 29.66 – .51 slower than the record he set earlier this year.

Pentecost and Schwegal started off freestyle competition by getting third and fourth in the Boys 6U event. Olivia Bono won the Girls event in 26.74, with EW’s Megan Lee getting third. Austin Ebel and Connor Fitzgerald (EW) finished second and fourth in Boys 7/8 competition, and Bailey Hughes (EW) and Maddie Ebel (NS) got third and fourth in the girls’ race.

Westfall won the 9/10 Boys event, and Waller got second in the Girls. Thomas Morgan snared the 11/12 Boys 50, and Burke got fourth. Rachel McManus grabbed Suffolk’s final individual victory in the 11/12 race, with Wineman coming in third. After Alexandra McManus finished second in Girls 13/14 competition, Cook and Edwards got second and third in the 15/18 race, and Ryan Hanson got third in the Boys division.

Ryan, Woodyard, Baird and Cook finished the day by winning the 15/18 200 Mixed Medley relay.